Volusia Blue Springs


Volusia Blue Springs is one of the most beautiful, popular and unique springs in Florida. It's set inside Blue Springs State Park. This spring offers on-site camping, cabin rentals, kayaking, hiking and manatee viewing.

Volusia Blue Springs Guide

Volusia Blue Springs

Volusia Blue Springs Details

To access Blue Spring, you’ll need to walk down a wooden boardwalk which leads through native Florida forest. The path takes about 10 minutes to walk.

The water of Blue Spring is beautiful. There is a mix of deep blues, turquoise and greens, which change based on the light conditions, bottom surface and water depth.

When swimming is allowed, water entry into the Head Spring is via a raised wooden platform. The platforms were built to prevent erosion, and to help preserve the spring banks and bottom.

Volusia Blue Spring is mostly round. It’s 20 feet deep over the spring vent, with a strong boil in the center.

The bottom is generally limestone and sand. Water flows from the spring vent, which is a long crack in the limestone.

There is an underground cave system beneath the spring, which has been explored and mapped.

The spring pool measures 135 ft from north to south and 105 ft from east to west.

The banks of the spring are steep and sandy. They rise to almost 20 feet above the water level. Raised boardwalks protect fragile shorelines from erosion.

There is a spring run which flows from the south end of the spring. It runs for .4 mile into the St. John’s River.

The entire area is filled with local Florida forest, including hardwood and palm trees.


Blue Springs is owned and managed by the State of Florida. It’s an inspiring success story; the spring’s health, and the health of the resident manatee population, have both improved since becoming a state park.

It’s a popular site for nature lovers and water activities. The state park offers camping, hiking, swimming, scuba diving, and canoeing. There are full-service facilities in Blue Springs State Park, including limited food options.

Visitors should double check to make sure they are planning a visit to the right Blue Springs. There are several in the state, and it is a common mistake!


Blue Springs is a vital habitat for hundreds of manatees. They visit the spring run during the winter because they need warm water for survival.

The manatee population is healthy today, but it hasn’t always been.

At one point, the number of manatees in Blue Spring State Park was very low; less than 50.

With protection, conservation and better environmental practices, the manatee population has improved. Today the population has grown to more than 500 manatees.

Blue Springs State Park is a great place for rehabilitated manatees to be re-released into the wild because the local conditions make it easy to monitor the rehabilitated manatee.

When is Blue Springs Open?

All water activities are closed during the winter from November 15 until March 31. The water is closed to protect manatees who use the spring for warmth.

Manatees visit Blue Springs State Park during the winter months, generally from November to March. When the manatees are present water activities will be closed, to ensure that the manatees are not disturbed.

Blue Springs State Park is popular for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, camping, fishing and hiking. There are miles of trails which lead through native Florida forest and wetlands.

This site has been inhabited for thousands of years. There is an ancient Timucuan shell midden.

Thursby House

The Thursby House was built in 1872. Sadly it is built upon the remains of an ancient Native American shell mound, which is an artifact from when this area was inhabited by the Timucua people.


The campground in Blue Springs State Park is named the Sand Pine Scrub Campground.

There are 44 campsites available for tent or RV camping. There are fire rings, water and electric hookups in each site. There is no sewer in campsites, but there is a sewer dump station.

There are two bath houses in the campsite.

Cabin Rentals

There are 6 on-site cabins available for rent through the State Park website. Each have two bedrooms.

Contact Information

State Park: 386-775-3663

Check the Blue Springs State Park website or call the park for more information.


28°56’50.94”N 81°20’22.52”W
Address: 2100 W French Ave, Orange City, FL 32763


Volusia Blue Spring is 6 miles southwest of Deland. It's located inside Blue Springs State Park.

From the junction of US 17/92 and SR 44 in Deland:

  • Travel 5.3 miles (8.5 km) south on US 17/92.
  • Turn west (right) on CR 4142 (French Avenue) in Orange City.
  • Continue 2.5 miles (4.0 km) to Blue Spring State Park.
  • Follow the park road to the spring parking area.

The spring is at the head of Blue Spring Run about .25 miles north of the parking area. It is accessed by an elevated wooden boardwalk along the east side of the spring run.

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Volusia Blue Springs
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