Royal Springs


Royal Springs is a popular spring and swimming hole in Suwannee County, Florida. Royal Springs is set inside a Suwannee County park which covers approximately 5 acres. Royal Springs is a popular destination for swimming and scuba diving.

Royal Springs Guide

Royal Springs

Royal Springs Details

Royal Spring forms a spring pool 160 ft (48.8 m) northwest to southeast and 105 ft (32 m) northeast to southwest. The maximum depth is approximately 42 ft (12.8 m).

Royal springs was not flowing during the September 2002 visit and the entire pool surface was covered with duckweed.

The dry spring run forms on the northeast side of the spring pool, travels approximately 200 ft (61 m) and enters the Suwannee River from the north.

On the north and east sides of the pool, limestone and clayey sand walls rise 25 ft (7.6 m) above the water surface.

A set of wooden stairs leads down to the water on the north side of the pool. To the east are the remnants of an old cement retaining wall.

Royal springs is surrounded by county-owned forested riparian corridor associated with the Suwannee River.

Royal Springs County Park

Royal Springs County Park has land-based amenities, including wooden observation decks, picnic tables and open spaces for recreational activities. There is also a one-lane boat concrete boat ramp.

There are portable restrooms on-site, but there is not running water or electrical service in the park.

Scuba Diving at Royal Springs

Royal Springs is a popular destination for scuba diving and freediving. There are wooden platforms to assist scuba divers as they mount their tanks and prepare to dive. There are also wooden boardwalks to assist water entry and to help prevent shoreline erosion.

The depth of Royal Springs is reported to be approximately 42 feet, but the actual depth varies depending on water level conditions.

Water visibility is also variable and can become severely reduced when bottom sediment is disturbed.

Visibility can also be reduced to almost zero during “brown-out” conditions, or when the dark, tannic water of the Suwannee River mixes with the otherwise crystal-clear spring water.

There is a submerged wooden platform at the bottom of Royal Springs.


Contact Information

Phone: 386-362-3004


Address: O'Brien, 20016 157th Ln, O'Brien, FL 32071


From the junction of US 129 and CR 349 in O’Brien:

  • Drive northwest on CR 349 approximately 8.9 miles (14.3 km) to the intersection with 198th Terrace.
  • Turn west (left) onto 198th Terrace and travel approximately 0.7 miles (1.1 km) to the intersection with 157th Lane.
  • Turn south (left) onto 157th Lane and travel approximately 0.3 miles (0.5 km) to Royal Springs.

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Royal Springs
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