Alexander Springs


Alexander Springs one of the best springs in Florida. It's also unique because it's located inside Ocala National Forest. The spring's water is beautiful, deep blue and incredibly clear.

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Alexander Springs

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The spring water in Alexander Springs comes from several spring vents, which are clustered together beneath the surface. Alexander Springs is approximately 25 ft. deep (7.6m)

The spring basin is cone-shaped. The bottom is mostly sand, with some exposed limestone near the spring vent.

The spring pool is quite large. It is 300 ft. when measured from north to south, and 258 ft. from east to west.

There is a vertical ledge near the vent, which runs from north to south.

The water is clear and blue. There is a large spring boil on the pool surface over the vent.

Native aquatic grasses are plentiful. Thin algae patches are present on limestone substrate.

A rock wall forms the south shoreline.

There is a mixed hardwood and palm forest around the spring. Alexander Spring Run flows east approximately 8 river miles (12.9 km) until reaching the St. Johns River.

Alexander Spring is unique because it’s the only 1st magnitude spring found inside a national park or national forest. 

Alexander Springs Camping, swimming, scuba diving, and canoeing are available with full facilities.

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Contact Information

Camping Reservations: 1-877-444-6777

General Information: 352-669-3522

Alexander Springs is managed by the Ocala National Forest and a private vendor named Adventure Ocala.


29°04’52.68”N 81°34’33.18”W
Address: 49525 County Rd 445, Altoona, FL 32702


Alexander Spring is in the Ocala National Forest, approximately 37 miles (59.5 km) east of Ocala.

From the intersection of US 441 (Magnolia Avenue) and SR 40 (Silver Springs Road) in Ocala:

  • Travel east on SR 40 for approximately 31.8 miles (51.2 km) to the intersection with SR 19.
  • Turn south (right) onto SR 19 and travel approximately 9.4 miles (15.1 km) to the intersection with CR 445.
  • Turn east (left) onto CR 445 and travel approximately 5 miles (8 km).
  • Alexander Springs Recreation Area is on the north (left) side of the road.
  • Follow signs to parking area.

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Alexander Springs
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