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Florida Spring Documentaries

Good documentaries are powerful. 

They can take us to places we could never visit, and show us things we could never imagine.

They can spread important ideas, and make us feel powerful emotions.

Good documentaries can make us better people, and they can make the world a better place. 

Here’s a collection of great documentaries.

These films are about important ideas: our water, our environment, and our springs.

They’re about protecting Florida’s most beautiful and priceless resources.

These messages are powerful, and important. I think they should be shared. 

If you think these ideas are powerful, please consider thanking these artists, and sharing their work.

This collection is a work in progress.

If you know of another film which should be featured, please send me a message.


Saving Florida's Springs

This documentary was absolutely fantastic! It instantly became one of my favorites. 

It’s incredibly well produced by director Sami Kattan and produced by the legendary Tessa Skiles.

This film tells the story of the springs in a simple and captivating way.

Please support the creators of this film and share this with anyone who loves Florida’s springs!

Florida Springs Documentary
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A Waters Journey Documentary
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Water's Journey: The River Returns

Water’s Journey is an amazing documentary. It taught an entire generation of people about Florida’s water, and is still going strong. It was created by an incredible team of explorers, including the late Wes Skiles and the amazing Jill Heinerth

Florida's Springs by National Geographic

This film is only a few minutes long, but it shares a powerful message.

It’s from National Geographic so the footage is top-notch and it’s beautifully produced. 

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Water's Journey

An award-winning documentary by the late Wes Skiles; a legendary educator, conservationist, photographer and filmmaker.