I made this website because I love Florida’s springs. 

I want them to be better protected, and better managed. I want to spread the gospel, and tell people about the treasure we have beneath our feet. 

Springs are magical. When you see a beautiful spring, you can’t help but smile. When you jump into that cold, clear water, your heart races. Your whole body feels alive.

If you know about springs, you’ll fall in love. When we love something, we take care of it. We care. We expect government to do its job and protect it. Because it’s ours.

Our environment, and our water, are the best parts of our state. In some ways they’re amazingly resilient. In other ways, they’re incredibly fragile. 

Our aquifer, springs, oceans and shorelines are in trouble. We must protect these places. Because if we don’t, we’ll lose them and they’ll be gone forever. You can only pave over a wetland ecosystem once.

I see that Florida’s water and environment are under attack from many directions.

  • Our Politicians do not work for us, the people
  • Industrial Agriculture™ is destroying our state
  • Nutrient pollution is flooding our aquifer, springs and drinking water 
  • Wasteful water use is draining our aquifer
  • Bottling companies suck our springs dry and sell it back in plastic bottles
  • Plastic pollution is contaminating our world 
  • Over-development and mismanagement destroy environments


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